Management of ocular emergencies in the clinic - Training for optometric assistants

Friday, July 7, 2023

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Optometric clinics play a huge role in eye health, as such, the role of optometric clinics in emergency care continues to grow at an accelerated rate. This has been amplified by the pressure in hospital emergency rooms and the reluctance of patients to go to hospitals. It is essential that optometric assistants and optometrists collaborate and communicate appropriately in order to provide high quality care.

The objectives of this course will be to:

1. Cover the most common ocular emergencies seen in clinics
2. Discuss the level of urgency of different types of consultations
3. Determine how to schedule emergencies to be more efficient in the office
4. Review questions to ask when triaging emergencies and provide a sample triage sheet
5. Explore the types of ocular emergencies that are compatible with a remote consultation
6. Establish strategies to build a good reputation for urgent care and increase the volume of emergency eye care visits
7. Take time to answer questions and have an open discussion about emergencies

Session presented in French with simultaneous interpretation available in English 

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