Concurrent Technical Session 1B: Understanding Digital Twins: Technological Progression, State of the Market, and Challenges in the Marine Sector
Date & Time
Wednesday, April 19, 2023, 10:20 AM - 11:05 AM

It was the year 2012 when NASA put forward one of the first formal definitions of what we currently conceive as a digital twin. A decade later, the concept is still making its way to mass application and adoption, especially in industries such as shipbuilding and ship in-service support. The current study aims to paint a clear picture of what digital twins are, how they are currently used and what are the challenges that so far have led to a slow adoption in the Canadian marine sector. As several perspectives on digital twins are discussed, this study will provide a description of the approach Genoa Design International has taken regarding digital twins, and how the company’s expertise can be used to help stakeholders navigate this arena. Based on a survey of different companies offering digital-twin-like services, the study will also deliver a list of common applications describing the direction this technological development has taken to date. The study also addresses the current market potential for digital twins and how enabling-technologies have aided its development. Preliminary findings suggest that the challenges for digital twin adoption are not mainly technical but lay in the current work dynamics among policy makers, private industry and main stakeholders in the shipbuilding and maintenance industries; the study highlights certain scenarios in which these challenges are evident and proposes recommendations.