Sponsor Agreement

Completion of the agreement form does not confirm acceptance of offer.  The Conference Organizers reserve the right to determine which applications are accepted.  All sponsorships/exhibits will be confirmed in writing.  Confirmation of any/all sponsorships or exhibitors does not represent an endorsement by the Conference Organizers.



Sponsors and/or exhibitors will be invoiced, and all fees are due upon receipt of invoice. Failure to comply with payment terms may result in the sponsor not receiving full benefits as outlined in the prospectus.  All sponsor benefits are conditional on receiving payment, artwork, video content, goods etcetera in a timely manner and are subject to meeting publication deadlines.



Notification of cancellation must be submitted in writing to the Conference Organizers.  Cancellations up to 6 months prior (January 20, 2023), 50% of total sponsorship/exhibit fee will apply as a cancellation fee, or the cost of goods purchased (if product sponsorship).  Cancellations made after January 20th, 2023, will receive no refund.


Trade Show Booth Allocation

A tradeshow floorplan will be provided to confirmed exhibitors when they will be able to request location preference.  By selecting your booth preferences, you understand that it is an indication only and is subject to availability and change.  The Conference Organizers have the exclusive right to allocate booth space and may alter the floor plan if necessary.



All exhibitors must have current general liability insurance coverage ($2 Million minimum) for their booth and be prepared to provide to Conference Organizers on request.  Exhibitors are wholly responsible for the security and safekeeping of items and staff at their booths and will be responsible for any damage to the venue caused by the installation/removal of materials.  No outside food or drink is permitted in the tradeshow. Additional fees for advance freight, material handling, A/V, specialized furniture, and/or power requirements (etc.) are the responsibility of the exhibitor.


Liability Waiver

In the event of any disruption outside the control of the Conference Organizers that results in the conference not taking place, the organizers accept no responsibility for losses incurred by conference participants, sponsors, and exhibitors.