VTC 2022 Sponsor/Exhibitor Terms & Conditions



  1. EXHIBIT SPACE RENTALS INCLUDE a standard back wall drape of eight feet high, three-foot side rails, a six-foot draped table, one chair and Wi-Fi. Please note that the exhibit space does not include electricity.


  1. TABLETOP EXHIBIT SPACE RENTAL INCLUDES a six-foot draped table, one chair and Wi-Fi. Please note that TABLETOP exhibit space does not include electricity.


  1. INSTALLATION OF EXHIBITS: Exhibits must be set up by the time designated. Exhibit space unclaimed by the opening of the first exhibit day will be forfeited without refunding any fees paid. VISION THERAPY CANADA reserves the right to change the installation hours; however, such changes will be made known as far in advance of the exhibition as is practical. The exhibitor further agrees not to dismantle the exhibit or do any packaging before the closing hour of the last exhibit day as described on the application. Penalty charges will be billed for any exhibit material remaining after the move-out hours.


  1. DISPLAY HEIGHTS: All exhibit space arrangements shall conform in all respects to the dimension and height requirements as indicated in the exhibit space diagram. Exhibit space back wall height is eight feet. Exhibitors will not erect nor maintain a back wall higher than eight feet. There can be no exception to this height limitation. So that the display value of adjoining exhibit space is not materially diminished, sidewall, fixtures and other display material may be erected to the maximum height of eight feet only in that portion of the exhibit space extending no more than forty-six inches from the back wall, (islands excepted).


  1. PERMISSIBLE EXHIBITS: VISION THERAPY CANADA desires to provide a well-rounded educational exhibition to complement the lecture sessions, and as such, any unusual activities must be reviewed and approved by VISION THERAPY CANADA in advance of the exhibition. Undignified methods of attracting attention will not be permitted. VISION THERAPY CANADA reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company or product for inclusion in the exhibition.


  1. RESTRICTIONS IN USE OF SPACE: All demonstrations, interviews, or other activities, such as the distribution of circulars and advertising matter of any description, must be confined to the SPONSOR or EXHIBITORS own exhibit space unless otherwise part of a sponsorship package and then only within the confines of what is defined in the sponsorship agreement. The SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR agrees not to assign, sublet, or shape, the whole or any part of their assigned space without the prior knowledge and written consent of VISION THERAPY CANADA. Consent may be withheld. No SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR is permitted to show goods other than those manufactured or dealt in the regular course of the SPONSOR’S or EXHIBITOR’S business. Any infringement of this rule will result in the prompt removal of the offending persons and/or promotional materials from the exhibit area and/or conference facility. There will be no refund of SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR fees in such cases.


  1. GENERAL RESTRICTIONS: VISION THERAPY CANADA reserves the general right to restrict any exhibit because of noise, method of operation, or any reason that is judged dangerous or objectionable, and to prohibit or evict any exhibit which is considered to detract from the general character of the exhibit area. This general reservation includes persons, things, conduct, printed matter, or anything deemed objectionable by VISION THERAPY CANADA. In such restriction or eviction, VISION THERAPY CANADA is not liable for any refund of fees or other exhibitor expenses.


  1. ADMISSION to the exhibit area is only permitted to conference registrants, the authorized representatives of SPONSORS and EXHIBITORS, and those extended an Exhibitor Pass. Each SPONSOR and EXHIBITOR are entitled to complimentary full conference registration(s) and/or exhibitor pass(es) as defined in the VISION THERAPY CANADA 2022 Sponsorship Prospectus. VISION THERAPY CANADA will provide conference badges for all exhibit space workers. All staff in an exhibit space must wear a conference badge.


  1. INSURANCE AND LIABILITY: VISION THERAPY CANADA shall not be liable for damage or loss to exhibitors’ properties through theft, fire, accident, or any other cause, whether the result of negligence or otherwise. Exhibitors shall insure their exhibit and display materials. VISION THERAPY CANADA assumes no liability for any injury that may occur to visitors to the exhibition, exhibitors and their agents and employees or others. It is suggested that the exhibitors be alert to the liability risk involved in exhibiting and amend their existing bodily injury liability and property damage liability insurance. SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR must provide VISION THERAPY CANADA with evidence of such insurance on request.

  2. CANCELLATION by SPONSORS and EXHIBITORS will be accepted only at the discretion of VISION THERAPY CANADA. Cancellations must be received in writing on or before June 24, 2022. Cancellations which are received and accepted by VISION THERAPY CANADA on or before June 24, 2022 will be subject to a $500 administrative fee. Cancellations requested after June 24, 2022, will not be accepted, and no refunds will be issued. The SPONSOR'S or EXHIBITOR'S failure to occupy their exhibit space does not release the SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR from their liability for full payment of their sponsorship commitment.

  3. CANCELLATION OF THE EVENT: In the event that the premises where VISION THERAPY CANADA “Vision & Learning” Conference and AGM 2022 is to be held shall, in the sole opinion of VTC, become unfit or unavailable for occupancy, or shall be substantially interfered with, by reason of picketing, strike, embargo, injunction, an act of war, an act of God, fire or provincial or federal government agency or by reason of any other occurrence beyond the control of VTC, VTC may cancel or terminate the event. In the event of such cancellation or termination, the SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR waives any and all claims the SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR may have against VISION THERAPY CANADA for damages and expenses. In such circumstance, the SPONSOR or EXHIBITOR agrees to accept in complete settlement and discharge of all claims against VTC the SPONSOR'S or EXHIBITOR'S pro-rated share of the total amount paid by all SPONSORS or EXHIBITORS less all costs and expenses incurred by VTC in connection with the event including a reserve for future claims and expenses in connection therewith.