2023 Awards banner

As the national association representing energy storage in Canada and the host of the only national conference dedicated entirely to energy storage, Energy Storage Canada is thrilled to host the second annual Energy Storage Canada Awards.

We are excited for this opportunity to recognize and celebrate the growth, development, and leadership within the sector each year, as energy storage continues to accelerate Canada’s net zero future by supporting the integration of clean technologies.

Nominees may be identified from direct and indirect members of Canada’s energy storage sector, including (but not limited to) generators, developers, utilities, regulators, manufacturers, or service/technology providers. Evaluation of the submissions will be technology agnostic and undertaken by three knowledgeable leaders within Canada’s energy sector not under consideration for an award in the current year at the corporate or individual level.

  • Nominations may be submitted by anyone active in the energy storage sector.
  • Self-nominations will be accepted.
  • A fully completed and signed nomination form must be submitted by the deadline submission (midnight, July 30, 2023) for the nominee to be eligible for consideration by the evaluators.
  • If relevant per the award criteria, the same corporation or individual may be submitted for consideration in multiple categories.
  • Projects/initiatives may be submitted for consideration a maximum of two times (if unsuccessful the first time) and only if the project/initiative still meets all other criteria for the award category related to timelines.

All questions related to the 2023 Energy Storage Canada Awards and the submission of nominations can be emailed to Energy Storage Canada’s Manager, Communications & Member Relations, Leone Benson King at leone.benson.king@energystoragecanada.org.

*Please note that all categories of awards may not be distributed each year and will only be awarded if the evaluators agree there is a nominee that meets the criteria.

The recipient of the Energy Storage Milestone Award is a corporation or entity that has achieved a significant milestone in energy storage development such as securing a substantial investment, negotiating a major partnership, initiating product expansion, announcing a first international project, or achieving a technological breakthrough.

Corporations or entities nominated for this award will have:

  • Achieved, within 24 months from the close of submissions, a significant milestone in energy storage development as detailed above.
  • Ensured the significance of the milestone is verifiable using commonly applied benchmarks within the sector. 
  • Communicated the achievement of the milestone to the extent it can be considered public knowledge – at least within the sphere of energy industry stakeholders.
  • Provided concrete steps forward from the milestone achieved to fully realize its benefit

The recipient of the Landmark Application of Energy Storage Award is a corporation or entity whose implementation of a ground-breaking and innovative application of energy storage technology in Canada demonstrates originality in any aspect of development including (but not limited to) engineering, partnerships, policy, financing, operations & management, or technology.

Corporations or entities nominated for this award will have:

  • Demonstrated ingenuity by implementing a new energy storage technology or a novel use of an existing technology in a Canadian context.
  • Implemented the project to the point of being able to demonstrate its operability/viability and to explain the implications of the novel application for the corporation or entity.
  • Executed the project to a stage where the added value of the innovative application of new/existing technology and the potential benefit of the application for Canada’s energy storage sector can be explained/described,
  • Undertaken reasonable due diligence to ensure the technology is new or a novel use of an existing technology in the Canadian context.

The recipient of this award is an individual or team consistently advocating for diversity and inclusion in their organization or the industry broadly. Their forthright advocacy either within their organization or the industry broadly enables and supports others in doing likewise.

Corporations, entities, or individuals nominated for this award will have:

  • Consistently provided leadership advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion within their organization &/or the industry at large.
  • Developed campaigns, policies or communications initiatives which can be referenced and have been employed within the corporation &/or the industry at large.
  • Implemented their initiative with measurable indicators for success, which have been evaluated and identified as successful.
  • Provided clear steps forward and next steps to continue the growth and development to ensure the continued progress and impact of the initiative in the future.

The recipient of this award is an individual with a demonstrated drive to further their experience, knowledge, and skills to contribute to Canada’s energy storage industry on matters related, but not limited to, engineering, policy, operations, or advocacy. They have a history of successfully undertaking initiatives within the sector and have some experience in a junior management role.

Individuals nominated for this award will have:

  • Worked in the energy storage sector (or a tangential/related sector) for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Demonstrated an ability to collaborate and connect, whether with their team or with other stakeholders in the industry, with a progressive aptitude for leadership.
  • Expressed an interest in taking on increased responsibility through professional development, successful completion of initiatives/projects, and a willingness to undertake challenges.
  • Articulated a commitment to the industry, its future, and a long-term vision for the sector.

The recipient of this award is an individual or organization that has demonstrated leadership and contributed to advocacy for the development of energy storage (either as a technology or the industry as a whole) above and beyond the promotion of their organization over the course of multiple years.

Recipients of this award will have:

  • Demonstrated a commitment to the industry and its future for several years.
  • Articulated a vision for Canada’s energy storage sector & an actionable strategy to achieve it.
  • Promoted the growth of knowledge, the development of industry standards, & the enhancement of the sector’s image within Canada &/or abroad.
  • Provided innovative corporate leadership as demonstrated by the effectiveness & success of their corporation within the sector.

NOTE: This award is selected by the Board (no nominations accepted)

The recipient of this award, while not a member of the energy storage industry, has demonstrated their support for the industry through endorsement of the sector, its technologies or policy to enable its integration in Canada.

Recipients of this award will have:

  • Provided endorsements and indications of support for energy storage over an extended period.
  • Actively engaged with leaders within the energy storage industry to gain knowledge of the industry, the opportunities it provides, and the key levers to enable the technology in Canada.
  • Undertaken specific initiatives to further the development of energy storage in Canada, either through the development of knowledge, increasing public awareness, technological innovation, advocacy, or proposed policy.
  • Been identified by the industry as a source of support and leadership.

NOTE: This award is selected by the Board (no nominations accepted)